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2016 Underage Best & Fairest

The Central District Football Club Underage Best & Fairest count was held on Monday the 12th of September in the Holden Room at Grand Central.  The event was represented by the underage players and parents. The evening started with the official welcome by Club President, David Cavenett.


The first awards for the evening were the Under 16’s.  Coach, Chris Gerhardy, spoke on each player with Team Manager, Michael Scudds, and former Bulldog League Captain, Roger Girdham, presenting the players with their awards.


Under 16 Most Consistent

Donated by the Zorich Group 

Won by Bradley Pilkington – Gawler Central FC


Under 16 Encouragement Award – The John Mortimer Memorial Trophy

Donated by the Club Members  

Won by Jez McLennan – Tanunda FC


Under 16 Coaches Award

Donated by the Zorich Group 

Won by Aaron Nietschke – Eudunda Robertstown FC


Under 16 Best & Fairest

Donated by the Central District Past Players and Officials

Won by Jackson Hately – Walkerville FC / Trinity College


Chris Gerhardy then spoke to the players and parents on the 2016 season and the challenges they faced.  He thanked the parents for the time and effort they put into their boys by driving them to trainings and games, and giving them the opportunity to be involved with the Club.

L - R: Jackson Hately, Bradley Pilkington, Jez McLennan, Aaron Nietschke  
Jackson Hately       51
Jez McLennan       36
Brad Pilkington       30
Jarrod Cotgrove       16
Mitchell Payne       15
Jessie Stevenson       12
Rhett Montgomerie       11
Josh Spence       9
Kotsi Motsi       7
Aaron Nietschke       6
Riley Argent       5
Haden Amery       4
Ethan East       3
Calum Couzner       3
Declan Kennedy       1
Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett       1
The Special Awards for the Under 18’s were awarded next. Under 18's Coach, Darren Reeves, spoke about each recipient with Roger Girdham again assisting with the presentation of the awards.
Most Dedicated Under Age Player - The Lindsay Renney Memorial Trophy
Donated by the Renney Family 
Won by Rhett Montgomerie - Angaston FC
Most Courageous Under Age Player - The Bert Holbrook Memorial Trophy
Donated by the Stephen & Maxine Holbrook 
Won by Cooper Dahms – Nuriootpa Rover FC
Under 18’s Coaches Award
Donated by the CDFC Past Players and Officials 
Won by Samuel Dunn – Tanunda FC

L - R: Cooper Dahms, Samuel Dunn, Rhett Montgomerie  
Again, Coach Darren Reeves spoke about each of the players with U18 Team Manager David Leese and Roger Girdham presenting the players with their awards
Under 18’s Fourth Best & Fairest
Donated by Zorich Group & Steel Line Garage Doors
Won by Dylan Pilkington 37 votes – Gawler Central FC

Under 18’s Third  Best & Fairest
Donated by  Zorich Group
Won by Jez McLennan  38 Votes – Tanunda FC

Under 18’s Runner Up Best & Fairest
Donated by Zorich Group & Steel Line Garage Doors
Won by Neil Morgan 42 votes – South Gawler / Trinity College

Under 18’s Best & Fairest 
Donated by Roger Girdham
Also recipient of the Brian Robinson Memorial Trophy Donated by Club Life Member Don Miller
Best & Fairest Medallion Donated by Edie Moore
Won by Ryan Falkenberg 46 Votes – Tanunda FC

L - R: Jez McLennan, Neil Morgan, Dylan Pilkington, Ryan Falkenberg  

Ryan Falkenberg       46
Neil Morgan       42
Jez McLennan       38
Dylan Pilkington       37
Harrison Elbrow       36
Jake Billing       36
Aaron Nietschke       36
Connor Dodd       24
Ryan Humphries-Carnelly       23
Rhett Montgomerie       23
Bradley Hoepner       22
Samuel Dunn       22
Cohen Biddle       20
Jackson Hately       20
Lachlan Downing       16
Brad Matters       16
Brett Dowse       16
Cooper Dahms       15
Bailey Zobel       14
Brad Schiller       14
Bradley Pilkington       14
Jake Russo       11
Connor White       8
Scott Blundell       8
Nathan Duncan       8
Kyle Thurgood       8
Matthew Stewart       7
Mitchell Payne       6
Josh Coleman       5
Ryder Eberhard       5
Josh Spence       2
Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett       1
Dillonn Vitnell       1
The last award for the evening was the Jack Stoddard Memorial Trophy.  This was awarded to the player deemed the Most Outstanding Underage Player for the 2016 Season.

Coach Darren Reeves spoke about Jackson’s achievements with President David Cavenett presenting the award.

Most Outstanding Under Age Player - The Jack Stoddard Memorial Trophy & Medallion
Donated by CDFC Past Players & Officials 
Won by Jackson Hately – Walkerville FC / Trinity College

Jackson Hately  

The Central District Football Club Underage Program would like to thank the parents of all players that were involved with the program for the 2016 Season.  Without your support the boys would not be given this opportunity.

We would also like to acknowledge all our support staff.  Without your effort none of this would be possible.

To our trophy donors for the 2016 Season, we also gratefully acknowledge you kind and generous donations.

Thanks to both grades coaching staff, for the time and effort you put into the players.

To the CDFC Board and CEO Kris Grant for your continued support of the underage program.
Scott Stevens
Development Manager

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