Caleb Edmead wins the Leading Goal Kicker and Development Awards

By Ella Watson

In only his second year in the Central District League side, and playing in a new position Caleb Edmead is hitting his stride winning Leading Goal Kicker of the Year and the Club’s Development Award (the Les Stevens Memorial Trophy) in 2015.
Prior to this season Edmead was playing in the backline, but this season Senior Coach Roy Laird decided to change things up and place Edmead up the field as a small forward, it’s a move that has certainly paid off.  
Edmead kicked an impressive 30 goals this season, 27 in the minor rounds and 3 in finals.
An impressive tally for a small forward, and one which earned him the award for Leading Goal Kicker at this year’s Best and Fairest night.
Edmead scored 15 goals out of the 19 games he played this season converting at 67%.
“It should have been a lot more, I kicked a lot out on the full and quite a few points too.”
His highest scoring games were round 12 against Norwood and round 17 against South Adelaide where he kicked 4 goals in each.
Although Edmead’s impressive goal tally earned him the Goalkicking award;  according the Senior Coach Roy Laird it was his improved fitness and ability to embrace his new position on the field that earned him the clubs Development award.  
“A new role this season for Caleb, he hadn’t seen a lot of the forward line previously, but this year we chose to play him up there on the basis that he’s quick and able to put great pressure on, from there to being the leading goal kicker is a great credit to him he has combined the two roles well to be quite proactive for us as a dangerous small forward.”
This season Edmead’s new role was to put pressure on the opposition when their defenders have the ball and in turn when his team has the ball turn and present as an option and score goals something which he proved to do really well.
“The best test for a player is understanding their strengths and weaknesses and Caleb really started to understand that as the season went on, and he worked hard for the footy team as a result.”
 “He has a lot of upside in terms of general improvement which is great for the club.”
Accepting his awards at the Central District’s Best and Fairest Night Edmead started by admitting he wasn’t much of a defender, he then thanked the Coaches for all their hard work and for giving him the chance to test his skill as a small forward.
“It was a pretty good year I wasn’t really much of a defender, but we’ve moved on from that, I’d like to thank Roy and the coaches I’ve really enjoyed this season it was good to get up there.”
Being injured in the second half of the season Edmead showed his appreciation for the trainers without whom he could not have played out the season.
“I want to thank the trainers I probably wouldn’t have played the last half of the season without them.”
Looking back over the season Edmead is happy with the progress the team has made and believes with greater trust in each other’s ability the team can take it all the way to the Grand Final next season.
“I think it’s a trust thing the last half of the year we had more trust in each other that we could get the job done and everyone was in their positions if we continue with that we will go even further.”
Next season Edmead is keen to improve his fitness and hopefully kick even more goals for the team.
“Looking forwards is exciting, I’m looking forward to getting fitter, working on my skills and just being a better player and kicking lots of goals.”
“Obviously I want premiership success, hopefully with the guys we have we can go that next step.”

 Edmead celebrates a goal against Norwood in this year's Elimination Final at Adelaide Oval
 With ball in hand against South Adelaide in Round 19.
Celebrating another goal against South in the final minor round game of 2015
Pictures by Peter Argent #anotherargentimage

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