Justin Hoskin to play his first League final this weekend

By Ella Watson

Justin Hoskin was a key defender for the Port Adelaide Magpies until Central District Football Club snatched him at the beginning of 2014.

Hoskin was delisted as a Power rookie when the Port Adelaide Magpies lost their SANFL status and became the Port Adelaide AFL reserves.

 Hoskin grew up in Pooraka which was in the Port Adelaide zone; he played juniors and seniors at Port before making the trip north to Centrals. 

Chosen as a solid defender who rebounds well, Hoskin was drafted to the Magpies as pick 20 of the Rookie Draft in 2012.

 “I was watching it on a laptop because the rookie list is online, then two seconds after that I got the phone call from Ken Hinkley.”

“Getting the phone call saying congratulations we’re taking you, it was a good feeling.”

After being delisted at the beginning of 2014, Hoskin only had to wait one week before receiving a phone call from Central District.
“It was pretty good because they were interested the year before.”

“Then they came after me again I was like yeah.”

Hoskins says the transition from the Magpies to Centrals was an easy one and he is very happy with his decision to join the club. 
“It was a pretty easy transition, I love the club here.”

“The boys were good once I got over her, probably the best bunch of blokes going around.”

In his second season at the club Hoskin has moved up the field from defence and is now playing through the midfield. 

Labelled as one of Centrals most reliable players in 2015 thus far, he has been a consistent performer this year.
“I moved up from defence to the midfield so they want you to be more around the ball and expect the ball to be in your hands more.”
“It’s a bit different I normally play back line, but Roy (Laird-Coach) said lets mix it up a bit this year so he’s thrown me in there.”

“I prefer midfield now, I feel like I’m in the play more”

Centrals take on Norwood at Adelaide Oval this Sunday in their first round of finals after beating South by 7 points at Hickinbotham Oval last weekend. 

“We’re going pretty well at the moment, we don’t like to talk it up, but I reckon we can beat Norwood this weekend.”

Hoskin says confidence may have something to do with the reason they weren’t performing at their best at the beginning of the season.

“It’s a bit like last year we just took too long to begin, like last year we won seven of our last nine games, this year we’ve won six of our last eight.”

“If we get it right at the start of the year we won’t have to worry about winning the last game of the year to get in.”

“Now we are taking more risky kicks and actually hitting it, at the start of the year we weren’t doing that.”

As a midfielder Hoskin has also been known to bob up in the goal-kickers list.

“I’ve kicked a lot more goals and probably been more confident.”

“We’re just taking the game on and backing ourselves to do what we do.” 

Playing Norwood this weekend Hoskin believes the key to success is to move the ball quickly into Centrals attacking forward fifty and through Norwood’s Zone defence.  

“If we get through their zone and out the back, we can hit the score board that way.”

“We need to just keep backing ourselves and keep the pressure up, if we keep our pressure on the opposition we can take it up to anyone.”

This week is set to be a major highlight in Hoskin’s football career; it is his first season playing in the SANFL League finals.

It has been a good season for Hoskin kicking twenty goals for the club and remaining injury free.

“I got on a couple, and had a couple of fluky ones as well.”

“Last year I did a hamstring and was out for ten weeks, but even with the games I played I reckon I’ve had more of the ball this year.”   

Centrals take on Norwood at Adelaide Oval at 12.10pm on Sunday the winner progressing to the next round.



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