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By Peter Argent
Excelling expectations, half back Sam Colquhoun consistency and high-possession games over the five- match 2012 Australian National under 18s football championships were rewarded with the SA Croweaters Most Valuable Player award.
This was announced after the final game at Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, July 5, where Colquhoun was again among the best players in SA’s victory over Vic Country. 
Colquhoun averaged nearly 30 disposals a game, being used predominately as the Croweaters outlet defender.
From this conglomerate of strong performances Colquhoun has won 2012 All-Australian honours as a part of the defensive six.
When quizzed about his exceptional consistency, Colquhoun suggested his primary focus was to make the most of his opportunities, and go out and enjoy himself.
“I was asked by ‘Sticks’ (SA coach Brenton Phillips) to be the drop off player, if there was an opportunity for a player to get loose,” He explained.
“He was keen to enforce the need for plenty of run from the back half.
“It certainly is a different game style at under 18s level, compared to the more accountable one-on-one contested football Brownie (Central’s reserves coach Jeff Brown) requires from us.
“I was able to use my run a bit more. “
Colquhoun explained the performances over the championships he was most satisfied with were the match at Norwood Oval against the Northern Territory and the Simonds Stadium (Geelong) where he collected 32 touches
Football first started for him at the Birdwood Roosters, before moving to Angaston where he played in 2010 with the Panthers senior colts.
He also explained the large football involvement and development came through kicking the football with his sibling and the family’s passion for the game.
Describing himself as a leg spinner who bats a bit, Colquhoun when to Tasmania with the state under 17s cricket team last December. He already represented his state at under 15s level as well in the game of ‘leather and willow’.
“I didn’t finish the cricket season as football is my key focus as the moment.”
South Australia, for the third year running was second in the national titles.
Nuriootpa lad Travis Schiller, like his older sibling Jarrod, played two games during the tournament.
Despite just getting 20 percent game-time against WA Schiller grabbed nine possessions and was considered highly unlucky to miss out in the final game at Etihad Stadium.
Troy Menzel, after 15 goals in the opening two games of the campaign, was sidelined with groin issues.
He was also in line for All-Australian honours before being injured and is considered by many as a chance to be a first round AFL draft selection this year.

Colquhoun looks to create of half back against Vic Country at Etihad Stadium this week.

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