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Recruited from Elizabeth Football Club.

Arguably one of, if not, the most decorated player in the Club’s history, there is no other player with as much red, white and blue running through their veins.

Paul, son of Jamie Thomas (153 CDFC League games) has been part of the Central District Football Club since he was 2 weeks old, when he and twin brother Adam attended the Club when Jamie was playing.

In his younger years, Paul was small and slight in stature, but this did not deter his determination to play League football for the Dogs.

One of the hardest workers on the training track and in the gym, Paul did everything to enable him to play at the highest possible level, and maintained that incredible work rate throughout his career.

He will be remembered for his ability to read the play, his pace and workrate throughout a whole game, and the pressure that he applied to opponents.

His illustrious career at the Club reads as follows:-

1998  Commenced Under 17s 

1999  Under 19s Third Best & Fairest
          Most Dedicated Under Age Player
2000  Reserves Incentive Award 

2001  League Debut – 21st July 2001
          League Development Award
          Rookie Listed – Adelaide Crows
          State Under 20s Representative
2002  Reserves Premiership Player
2003  Premiership Player
          Represented South Australia Vs Western Australia
          Bob Quinn Medallist (Best Player – Anzac Day)
2004  Premiership Player
          SANFL Magarey Medallist
          Club Best & Fairest
          Bob Quinn Medallist (Best Player – Anzac Day)
          Most Consistent League Player

2005  Drafted to Essendon (AFL) - 8 AFL Games

2006  Returned to Central District
          Club Vice Captain
          Grand Final Player
          Represented South Australia Vs Western Australia (Vice Captain)

2007  Premiership Player
          Club Co-Captain
          Club Fifth Best & Fairest

2008  Premiership Player
          Club Co-Captain
          Runner Up Best & Fairest
          Represented South Australia Vs Victoria (Vice Captain)
          Bob Quinn Medallist (Best Player – Anzac Day) 

2009  Premiership Player
          Club Co-Captain
          Club Best & Fairest

2010  Club Captain
          Premiership Player
          Runner Up Best & Fairest
          Most Votes for Club in Magarey Medal 

2011  Club Captain
          Grand Final Player
          Club Third Best & Fairest
          Most Votes for Club in Magarey Medal
          State Representative (Captain) – Did not play a game 
          Awarded Club Playing Life Membership

2012  Club Captain
          State Representative Vs Western Australia (Captain)
          Awarded SANFL Life Membership

2013  Club Co-Captain
          Club Fourth Best & Fairest
          Most Votes for Club in Magarey Medal
          State Representative Vs North Eastern Australia Football League (Captain)

2014  Club Captain
          Club 6th Best & Fairest
          State Representative Vs Victoria (Captain)

2015  Club Co-Captain
          State Representative Vs Western Australia (Captain)
          3rd Magarey Medal
          Most Consistent League Player
          Club Runner Up Best & Fairest
          Most Votes for Club in Magarey Medal

League Debut-  2001
Playin Career- 2001 – 2015  
269 League Games
77 goals
Guernsey No: 16

At 33 years of age, Paul has always intended to pursue a coaching career. The Adelaide Football Club approached him to assume a full-time position as a Development Coach.

Whilst Paul agonised over the decision to retire, it was an opportunity that he could not refuse.

The Club is obviously disappointed to not have his services as a player, but fully appreciate the path he has chosen.

The Club wishes he, wife Rachael and boys Austin and Archer all the best.

A true Club Person and Club Champion.

Image by Peter Argent #anotherargentimage

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