Travis Schiller’s 50th game

Another milestone was made at the Central District Football Club when Travis Schiller took to the field for his 50th game with the Club against the Port Adelaide Magpies on July 2nd.

The game was played at home, and seemed to get off to a great start when at quarter time Centrals lead 5-1 to Port 2-2.

Travis was instrumental in pushing the ball forward from the centre and even managed to hit the scoreboard early, but the tide soon turned against the boys and a well in-form Port using all their AFL experience charged ahead.

The end result Centrals 9-5 (85) to Port 15-8 (98).

Despite the tough loss Travis’s efforts through the midfield still placed him as Centrals ‘Best Player’.

Travis is proud of his achievements at the club and while he was disappointed with the loss was thrilled to being playing his 50th game for Centrals.

“It was a great feeling, I didn’t think I would play 1 game let alone 50, so personally I found it a great individual accomplishment and fulfilment.” 

Travis was recruited by the Central District Football Club from the Nuriootpa Tigers Football Club, he started in the development squad and made his league debut in 2014 against Woodville West Torrens.

During his time at the club Travis has witnessed many changes and he believes the greatest change has been the drop in age of the playing squad.

“A lot of senior (premiership) players have retired or moved to other clubs, this has seen a surge in the amount of young footballers making their debut compared to when I first started training on the senior track.”

In his 50 games at the club Travis’s role has gained dimension adding greater tackling pressure meaning Travis has achieved more versatility on the ground.

“My game has become much more two-dimensional, originally my game consisted of mainly offense, but with the help of the coaches I have been able to improve my defensive running and tackling pressure and press.”

With his strong attack at the footy and his gained tackling pressure Travis is known for his contested ball winning, cleanness and clearance winning.
Travis plays a strong attacking role, his main responsibility is to attack the ball in the centre and using his speed push the ball forward into Centrals forward line.

“My responsibilities on the field include pressure acts, tackling, ball winning, clearance winning and being a role model for younger players.”

This season so far Centrals have experience some exhilarating highs and some crushing lows demonstrating a lack of consistency between matches.

“So far the season would be described as inconsistent, but overall I think the effort and commitment of each individual player at training and games is outstanding, I think we have given ourselves the best chance to succeed and hopefully with the continued effort consistency will be built.”

“We need to sustain a four quarter effort, we know our best is very good so for us being able to sustain their level will give us a very good chance to finish the season well and maybe even see us go far in finals.”

After the bye last weekend Travis will play his 51st game for the Central District Football Club this weekend when they take on Sturt at Home at the earlier time of 1.10pm on Saturday 16th of July.

 Schiller, looking for options during the 2015 SANFL IGA League Finals Series
Getting the ball away under pressure
With the 2015 Norm Russell Medal
In his SA State Team Guernsey this season.
Pics by Peter Argent #anotherargentimage, Kirsty Hosking, Michael Young and SANFL

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