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U17 Championship Results

Over the past few days Central District have competed in the U17 Youth Championships


Match Results      
Competition: U17 Northern      
Day: 1      
Date: 19/7/2016      
WWTFC Vs CDFC @ Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval      
Teams   1/4  1/2  3/4   Final Points
WWTFC  3.1  7.3  9.3   12.6 (78)
CDFC     2.2  2.2  2.6   3.7   (25)
Best Players                                          Goal Kickers   
WWTFC              CDFC                           WWTFC                  CDFC
Chris Schwarz     Marques Graham           Kyle Dalidowicz 2    Lachlan Cunningham 
Jack Zille            Nicholas Hooker            David Willmot 2       Justin Monaghan 
Jaiden Smith       Dominic Barilla              Aaron Roberts 2      Jarrod Johnson 
Todd Hoyle         S Furnell                       Will Schultz 2   
Reuben Parker    Cooper Robertson          Grady Armfield   
Grady Armfield    Lachlan Cunningham     Mitch Larsson   
                         O Barnett                      Jack Zille   
                                                             Reuben Parker

Match Results      
Competition: U17 Northern      
Day: 2      
Date: 20/7/2016      
NFC Vs CDFC @ Coopers Stadium      
Teams  1/4   1/2   3/4   Final Points
NFC      2.3   5.7   8.9    13.10 (88)
CDFC    2.0   3.1   5.3    6.3 (39)
Best Players                                     Goal Kickers   
NFC                    CDFC                      NFC                          CDFC
Cole Gerloff        Jarrod Johnson         Lesley Mundy 5          Owen John 2 
Mitchell Gum      O Barnett                 Cole Gerloff 3             Jarrod Johnson 2 
Sam Buckham    Jarrod Cotgrove        Mitchell Wilbe 2          Cameron Hains 
Harrison Petty     Dillon Vitnell            Sanjayson Hanuman   Christian Marrone 
Kade Chandler    Tom Taylor              Ben Jarvis   
Mitchell Wilbe      Christian Marrone    Tjerayh Ware   
Lesley Mundy      S Furnell     


Match Results      
Competition: U17 Northern      
Day: 3      
Date: 21/7/2016      
CDFC Vs North Adelaide @ My Money House Oval

Teams  1/4   1/2   3/4   Final Points
NAFC    3.4   9.7   13.10   16.11 (107)
CDFC    1.0   2.2   3.3       3.4 (22)
Best Players          Goal Kickers   
CDFC                      CDFC
D Barilla                  J Coombe 2
M Graham               M Norton
J Spence              
C Robertson         
J Coombe             
K Westlake  


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