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Latest Under 18's Squad



Central District – UNDER 18
DATE: 29/04/2017
ROUND:  Round 4  
TIME: 2:10pm
GAME AND VENUE: v Glenelg @ My Money House Oval, Elizabeth


No. Name Surname
2 Ryan Humphries-Carnelly
6 Brett Dowse
8 Jarrod Cotgrove
9 Bradley Pilkington
10 Nicholas Lange
11 Brodie Cormack
12 Jackson Hately
13 Harrison Elbrow
14 Ryan Falkenberg
15 Aaron Nietschke
16 Cooper Dahms
17 Jez McLennan
18 Jake Billing
19 Rhett Montgomerie
20 Ethan East
23   Dylan Pilkington 
24 Bailey Zobel
25 Jeremy


26 Bradley Schiller
27 Jordan Shirley
28 Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett
29 Simon Furnell
32 Connor Dodd
33 Mitchell Payne


  Llewelyn Milera Hannes Smit
OUTS:  Brenton Watts
  Ben Antonie  
  Dylan Pilkington Connor Dodd
INS:  Ryder Eberhard Bradley Schiller
  Jackson Hately Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett

Coach: Darren Reeves


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Round 4 - Glenelg v Central

Ahead of Saturday's Match at Glenelg we take a look at the recent statistical history betwen Centrals and The Bays Read more on this

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We're a winning team at Centrals
We're the mighty fighting 'dogs
We love our Club and we play to win
Riding the bumps with a grin at Centrals

Come what may you'll find us striving
Teamwork is the thing that talks
One for all and all for one
Is the way we play at Centrals

We are the mighty fighting 'Dogs!



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  4. Adelaide
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