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Reserves Match Wrap Up



The Reserves side had another “tough day at the office” on Friday, going down to North by 98 points.

Goalless in the First Term and with only 1 goal to their name at half time it seemed the day only got longer with poor skills and a lack of intensity evident throughout the contest.

Only a few positives could come out of the match. Those being: Keeping the Roosters to only 2 goals in the Second Term and the work-rate and effort of Dylan Weaver and Josh Waldhuter who can both hold their heads high.

The Reserves have a chance to re-group with a Bye ahead this Saturday (League play Adelaide), before a match up with Glenelg at The Bay on Saturday April 29th

Central District   0-0   1-1   2-3   3-8   (26)
North Adelaide 7-3 9-6 14-8 19-10 (124)


Josh Waldhuter, Dylan Weaver, Ben Walter, Ryan Llewellyn, Josh Coleman, Corey Reichert



Ben Walter, Domenic Costanzo, Ryder Eberhard




On the most part is was a really competitive effort from what was a really young group on Saturday.

The Reserves took on last year’s Grand Finalists the Eagles and the early physicality from our boys was excellent.

We were within striking distance being only 2 goals down at ¾ time and at that point in time had had more possessions than opposition.

However, as is often quoted - “the game is played 90% between the ears” and despite a great effort thus far, towards the end of 3rd term and into the last, when we started to tire, our lack of pressure ultimately brought us undone with the Eagles kicking away.

As is often the case with young groups, we didn’t quite have the maturity or mental toughness to grind away for a more favourable result once the situation got harder.

Nevertheless it’s something to work on in the coming weeks.  

Central District 2-4 3-9 5-9 69 (45)
Eagles 2-1 6-3 7-8 14-11 (95)


Josh Coleman, Jarrod Schiller, Josh Waldhuter, Dylan Weaver, Ben Walter, Domenic Costanzo



Josh Coleman, Sam Dunn, Isaya McKenzie, Dylan Weaver, Jarrod Schiller, Ben Walter


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