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Under 16's Match Wrap Up





The Under 16’s had a solid win against North Adelaide on Thursday evening at My Money House Oval.  

The 16’s looked in control right from the opening bounce but didn’t make the most of their opportunities with 25 scoring shots to 7. The side lifted their tackling intensity from last week’s effort against the Eagles.

The squad may just need to spend little bit of goal kicking practice this week for the game against Sturt at Peter Motley Oval.

Central District 3-5 7-7 9-10 12-13   (85)
North Adelaide 2-0 2-1 4-1 6-1   (37)


Jordan O’Brien, Henry McCabe, Blake Stevens, Corey Durdin, Jack Carpenter, Oliver Shaw



Jordan O’Brien 5, Tyson Richard 2, Tyrone Milera, Corey Durdin, Connor Tonkin, Jack Carpenter, Michael Sgoutas 1



The Under 16’s suffered their first loss in a disappointing effort to the Eagles.

Not too many of the players could say they contributed for the full 4 quarters, skill level and effort were down from the previous weeks.

The players have a short turn around to redeem themselves on Thursday evening at My Money House Oval against North Adelaide.

Central District     0-0   1-1   4-3   5-4 (34)
Eagles 8-5 13-6 14-9 20-12 (132)


Henry McCabe, Oliver Shaw, Jordan O’Brien, Tyrone Milera, Leek Aleer  



Jordan O’Brien, Tyson Richard, Henry McCabe, Chris Tidswell, Daniel Perkins


Central District   4.2   7.3   11.7   15.10 (100)
South Adelaide   2.2   5.5   8.5   10.8 (68)

The Under 16’s held strong for their second win of their program with a 32 point win over South Adelaide, at My Money House Oval on Sunday April 2nd.


The Under 16s struggled early with their skills and the ability to take the football clean, like last week the opposition threatened at times but the boys did enough to get over the line.


Best players for the Under 16’s:

Oliver Shaw, Corey Durdin, Tyson Richard, Jordan O’Brien, Allistair Walling and Jack Carpenter

Goal Kickers:

Tyson Richard 4, Tyrone Milera 3, Tyson Lane, Jack Carpenter, Rhys Sutton 2, Jonah Whitelum, Corey Durdin 1




Central District   3-3   7-3   11-5   14-11 (95)
West Adelaide   4-3   7-4   10-5   11-6 (72)


Central District Under 16’s won their first game of the 2017 season with a hard fought win in hot and humid conditions, at City Madza Stadium (Richmond).

It was a good even contribution from all players, Central District threatened to run away with the game quite a few times through the course of the game but West Adelaide’s determination kept them in the game with the sealer coming late in the last quarter with a goal to Rhys Sutton.


Stand out performances from Corey Durdin who played on ball, his pace and ability to win the game in close were a highlight, Oliver Shaw at Centre Half Back was outstanding with his strong pack marking and ability to set up many forward movements, and his partner in crime in defence Daniel Perkins whose ability to win the ball and get it long down the ground with run and carry.


The Under 16’s play South Adelaide this week at My Money House Oval on Sunday 2nd April.  The game commences at 11:50am.


Best players :

Corey Durdin, Oliver Shaw, Daniel Perkins, Jordan O’Brien, Tyson Richard

Goal Scorers :

Tyrone Milera 3, Tyson Richard 2, Hugh Smart 2, Jack Carpenter 2, Brandon McBride 1, Corey Durdin 1, Rhys Sutton 1, Zac East 1, Michael Sgoutas 1


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