Ben Nason

Birthdate: 3 June 1989

Height: 179cm

Weight: 80kg

Games: 25

Goals: 15

Recruited from: Port Adelaide FC

League debut: 2009


Sponsored by: Holden

Nickname/s: Naso

Occupation: External Cladding

Football achievements: 2009 CDFC Reserves B&F Runner Up, 2010 AFL Debut, 2012 Reserves Premiership, 2017 Reserves Leading Goal Kicker

Hobbies outside of football: Fishing

Favourite drink: White Chocolate Mocha from Gloria Jeans

Pet: Labrador

Hardest working teammate: Luke Habel

Most annoying teammate: Justin Hoskin

Happiest teammate after a win: Sam Milne & Nick Gillard

Favourite football moment: My AFL Debut

Your all-time favourite footy player: Andrew McLeod

If you could be another Bulldog player for a week - who would it be, and why?: Trent Goodrem, because he's perfect

Best piece of advice you've received from Kris Grant?: We're broke!