Lauren has just moved to Adelaide from Victoria where she played in the Cardross Sunraysia Football League. Aged just 16 she is a strong, skillful midfielder that has a big future in our competition.

What is your original club?

Cardross Sunraysia Womens Football League

Match day motivation song?

Lose yourself – Eminem

What is your field of work and/or study?

Year 11

Funniest team mate?

All of them have their moments, Madi Kalleske

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year?

All of them, probably Shelby Smith

Toughest player in the team?

Maddy Lane

What is your weapon?

I put my body on the line for the team

Tell us 3 things you like to do outside of football

Being with my friends and family, playing basketball for fun, playing with my dog