This is Taryn’s second year in the Centrals team, and her outstanding leadership on the field and off the field has been rewarded this year by being appointed Deputy Vice Captain. A natural athlete and fierce competitor, she is able to play a variety of positions in defence, mid field and forward. Taryn had a successful netball career before she committed to football, and comes from Barossa Districts in the Barossa, Light and Gawler League.

What is your original club?

Barossa District

Match day motivation song?

Purple Hat

What is your field of work and/or study?

Public Relations and Marketing

Funniest team mate?

Micko (Ella Mickan) the banta queen

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year?

Shelby Smith – an absolute jet

Toughest player in the team?

Gemma Doughty

What is your weapon?

Work rate

Tell us 3 things you like to do outside of football?

Spend time with my family, Surfing (attempting to) down the south coast, Eating (love a long lunch)