How to make a Bequest to the Central District Football Club

A bequest (also known as a legacy) is a gift of money or property that you leave to your Football Club.

Increasingly, Football Clubs around Australia are setting up a system for those who want to make a bequest to the Club they love.

This is achieved through the inclusion of the Central District Football Club in the last Will and Testament (“Will”) of the person making the bequest.

Without exception, a person with property and/or family should have a will.

By having a properly drafted Will, you can avoid the confusion that often arises over estate administration. It’s a surprising statistic that less than two-thirds of the Australian adult population has a valid Will.

Making a Will is easy and contributes positively to your peace of mind because you’ll know that your wishes will be honoured. It’s your way of taking care of your family and others who are important to you.

Once you have ensured that you have taken care of your family, friends and loved ones you can also choose to benefit your Football Club.


Your bequest to your Football Club can take a number of forms:

• A percentage of the value of your Estate (to ensure other beneficiaries are not disadvantaged should circumstances change),

• The whole or part of the residue of the Estate after you’ve made provisions for family and other beneficiaries,

• A specified amount of money (please note that a specified amount of money will not appreciate over time.)


To ensure that your wishes are clearly and legally stated, you may wish to consider the following options:

• Consulting a Solicitor or Trustee Company, or

• Amending your Will to insert a clause which provides for the Central District Football Club.

While there are several types of bequest clauses, the following is most commonly used for a general bequest:


“I give to the Central District Football Club (ABN: 32 591 758 251)____ % of the whole of the residue of my Estate”,

OR “the whole of the residue of my Estate”,

Or “the sum of $______________” and add

“The receipt of an authorised officer of the Central District Football Club will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee”


The Central District Football Club is not qualified or authorised to provide legal advice. If it assists, our club Solicitor will be happy to discuss your plans and prepare your Will at no cost to you if you benefit the Club in your will.

To register your interest in making a bequest on behalf of yourself or a family member / or to enquire and receive some more information, please contact us and an authorised officer of the Club or our Club Solicitor will contact you.

Central District Football Club: Phone: 8255 2555, PO Box 10 Elizabeth SA 5112, email: