CDFC Past Players & Officials form “The Dog Pack”

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The impact of the Corona virus has placed Central District Football Club in a precarious financial situation. Massively reduced income due to the forced closure of the Licenced Club, decreased membership and revenue associated with suspended match days has resulted in limited cash reserves to service its debt and financial commitments.

In great support of the Club a group of Central District Football Club Past Players & Officials have rallied together to create the “The Dog Pack”.

The thought process behind the creation of “The Dog Pack” is that given that Past Players and Officials have benefited from the association with the Club through employment opportunities, long life friendships gained and other opportunities, now is the time to give back.

The goal of the Dog Pack and it’s founding members is to not only ensure the survival of the Central District Football Club but to also put in place a mechanism that assures the Clubs long term financial success.

The Dog Pack has already received tremendous support in a short space of time which is extremely encouraging.

Please join fellow Past Players – John Platten, Chris & James Gowans, Daniel Healy, Brendan Maguire, Rob Fraser, Jeff Brown, Simon Luhrs, Roger Girdham, Dave Buckley, Richard Cousins, Geoff Robertson, Darren (Boof) Lehmann and Pat Schwerdt by contributing to The Dog Pack.

If you are a Past Player or Official click the link below to make a tax-deductible donation to support the Club and The Dog Pack fundraiser.

It is also important to provide your name, email address etc. as this group intend to engage all Past Players and Officials in a more convivial manner in the future.

Should you have any queries regarding the Dog Pack or how you can assist further please do not hesitate to contact one of the Dog Pack members below:


John Platten                     0407 744 202

Pat Schwerdt                    0417 778 001

Rob Fraser                         0415 430 201

Simon Luhrs                      0419 035 954

Brendan Maguire             0412 427 521

Jeff Brown                          0419 762 614

Dave Buckley                     0409 047 899