Central Zone Carnival

The Central District Football Club U15 Country Development Squad took part in the Central Zone Carnival on Sunday the 26th of May at Port Broughton. The participating Leagues in the carnival were the Adelaide Plains Football League, North Eastern Football League, Northern Areas Football Association, Yorke Peninsula Football League and the Barossa, Light and Gawler Football Association, the carnival is used as part of the selection process for the U15 State Championships in the July school holidays for the Central District Football Club, Woodville West Torrens Football Club and the North Adelaide Football Club.


Game 1

Barossa, Light & Gawler 2.8 (20)   V   Northern Areas 0.0 (0)

Best Players BL&G: Zac Piddington, Austin McDonald, Tyson Linke, Finn Reed

Best Players NAFA: Max McKeough, Nick Wilsdon, Bodhi Sims, Jack Kitschke

Goal Kickers BL&G: Lachie Riggs, Samuel Higginbottom 1.


Game 2

Barossa, Light & Gawler  5.5 (35)   V   Adelaide Plains   0.0 (0)

Best Players BL&G: Tyson Linke, Lachie Riggs, Liam Tappert, Finn Reed

Best Players APFL: Jacob Battle, Matt Hayes, Luke Hart, Jack McLean

Goal Kickers BL&G: Tom Allan, Ethan Hillier, Tom Treloar, Malakye Kolhagen, Zac Piddington 1.


Game 3

Barossa, Light & Gawler  5.3 (33)   V   Yorke Peninsula  2.2 (14)

Best Players BL&G: Finn Reed, Liam Tappert, Lachie Riggs, Max Kershaw

Best Players YPFL: Willian McKay, Koby Poulton, Gary Nowlan, Riley davey

Goal Kickers BL&G: Zac Piddington 2, Finn Reed, Tyson Linke, Malakye Colhagen 1.

Goal Kickers YPFL: Koby Poulton, Connor Knight 1.



Game 4

Barossa, Light & Gawler 5.4 (34)   V   North Eastern 0.0 (0)

Best Players BL&G: Kyan Bovingdon, Lachie Riggs, Malakye Kolhagen, Zac Piddington

Best Players NEFL: Ryan Stocker, Jesse Nicholls, Patrick Weckert, Darcy Hennessy

Goal Kickers BL&G: Liam Tappert 2, Tom Treloar, Samuel Higginbottom, Ethan Hillier 1.


Best Player for the 2019 Central Zone Under 15 Carnival

Barossa Light & Gawler

Lachie Riggs