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Golf Involvement by Bulldogs

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It has been very pleasing to see the support old Players and Officials are giving to the Club. It is also worth noting the great comradery that also exists between the old bulldogs.

Recently the Past Players and Officials have been behind the “Dog Pack” which is a means of providing financial and physical support to our Club.

An annual yearly golf event occurred on Friday the 31/4 between Central old boys. The event called the “Jumbo” has been going for many years now. This year it was held at the West Lakes Golf Club and won by Peter Cameron playing net par golf, well done Camo.

Peter now gets to hold the Red Jumbo jacket for a year.

2021 jumbo winner – Peter Cameron

On the same day (unfortunately) the SANFL golf day was held. All League Clubs and a team from the umpires teed off at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Club. This event is some 13 years old now and Centrals have never been successful until this year. Last year the Eagles won. Our team of Peter Kleinig, Peter Nicks, Ken Russell and Lyle Skinner

blitzed the field to win the day for the first time. Interestingly all members of this year’s Centrals golf team also participated in the first game at Football Park, which was against North Adelaide in 1974, and we had a win there also!

Ken Russell

53 League Games


Peter Nicks

186 League Games

1968 – 1978

Peter Kleinig

47 League Games

1967 – 1970, 1974

Lyle Skinner

213 League Games