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Harbs Milestone Rant

At the Best & Fairest Night Luke Habel spoke in regards too playing 150 League games for the Central District Football Club, here is what he had to say;

I’m extremely grateful to have been involved in sporting clubs my since I was 6 years old. Clubs that have provided me with ever lasting friendships and memories. I’m indebted to the Griffith Swans Football Club, Ganmain Grong-Grong Matong Football Netball Club and CDFC for allowing me to be a part of their clubs. I’ve always been proud to share where I’m from and who I play for.

I want to thank everyone in this room, who has had a part to play in making me feel welcome In any small or big way. I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done to assist me as a person and player.

Thankyou especially to:

– Our sponsors and supporters for the conversations and laughs

– Cathie, Frankie, Liz, Doreen and Mike for the pasta and desserts during the week

– Our officials for there behind the scenes work and efforts

– To Daniel Bell who ticked over serving the club for 30 years which is phenomenal. And to the rest of our team of trainers and medicos for your care and maintenance to all players.

– Terry Whitelaw for the years of weights, hard work and life discussions. It’s my 11th year in weights group which triggered me being Terry’s first life member.

– To all the coaching staff, especially Roy and Browny for guidance, honesty and developing me as a player.

– To the CDFC admin and office team. Especially Scott Stevens and Kris Grant – Kris constantly declares that he dragged me out of the gutter of NSW. We don’t always see eye to eye but he’s been a father figure to me since I’ve lived in SA.

– The Laughs, love, memories and care that my team-mates and their partners, families and friends have given me and still provide me with.

– The love and constant support that my fiancé, Sarah provides. I’m very blessed to have for her in my life and I can’t thank her enough for sharing my passion along with her family.

– Lastly, my immediate family who watch and support our club passionately every week.


I want to read out something in which I will wear my heart on my sleeve and challenge our playing group and everyone involved in our club. I ask everyone to bare with me and to have a think about the following.

It’s an Acronym that spells DOGS.

D is for Desire. A desire to become the best person you can be by showing care to everyone involved in your life. Your partners, family, your sporting club and your workplace. Not mediocrity, half listening, half reflecting, half efforts or manufactured desire… A desire to improve yourself and others.

O is for Optimism. Finding ways to replace manufactured care and enthusiasm into authentic optimism. A genuine feeling of knowing you as an individual and us as a whole together, are going to achieve. Not relying on hope or luck. That relates to areas we have no control over in life – like farmers in drought hoping for rain. Walk tall and be proud of yourself and others knowing we’ve given ourselves, our mates and families every skerrick of care, intensity and effort day by day improve.

G is for Genuineness. Imagine a workplace – our club – where you could drive into the car park each day and walk through the blue doors of the change rooms with purpose and know inside yourself “I will make a difference today. I belong here and want to improve”. Days turn into weeks and overtime the little voice inside your head will start to tell you “Gees I can see something changing here!”. You will get excited by the desire and optimism every time you have training or a game and gradually improve yourself and others.

With genuine desire and effort, over time, we can create a winning, enthusiastic and optimistic environment. One that will be made through your mates individual actions, that you start to openly appreciate so much. By being honest and appreciating others, we show that we are proud of our environment and what we stand for. Our first Taste of this was as a group winning against Norwood under lights – that’s what success feels like, looks like and sounds like.

We can create an environment like Richmond and Glenelg have done. One based on desire, optimism and being genuine.

Everyone in the room that’s involved in our club in one way, shape or form ask yourself this:

Can I Self-Reflect? – do I show with my effort, attitude, verbal and physical actions:



And genuine care?

Have I genuinely been trying to make myself and others around me better?

If sub consciously, the little voice in your head answered ‘No’… or an example popped into your head that reminds you of something you can improve on… You’ve just been honest with yourself and begun the process of what we all need to start to endeavor to achieve together as individuals and as a sporting club.

When we’ve been down the Self-Reflecting road, that’s when we can turn our proper journey onto the last letter of the acronym.

The letter S. And this S = Success. Being Successful in everything we do on and off the field to become great people and a great club.