Club News


To all our Members, Supporters and Customers;

I’m sure you will all agree that it has been fantastic to have the SANFL 2020 Season up and running, however, with the ongoing fight against the invisible enemy, we must continue to be flexible and understanding of the challenges that are presented to us to keep the community safe and healthy.

This week, SA Health and SAPOL have announced new restrictions which will impact on how we behave on game day, beginning this Saturday, 8th August, when we take on Glenelg at X Convenience Oval.

Simply, if we DO NOT comply with these new restrictions, then we face large financial penalties and put the remainder of the SANFL Season at a huge risk. So, we beg to you, our loyal and passionate members, supporters and customers to adhere and support them strongly.


At X Convenience Oval Home Matches, including this Saturday, there is to be NO CONSUMPTION of alcohol whilst standing up. This means, if you are watching the match and want to drink alcohol, then you MUST BE SEATED.

If you want to have a drink at the football, then we encourage you to bring your own deck chair or similar seat, or just sit down on the terracing or ground and enjoy a great game of footy.

These new restrictions will be closely monitored by Security and SAPOL, but also by our supporters who want football to continue in 2020.

The alternative plan would be to close all alcohol outlets around the ground, however, we want to give our great supporters the opportunity to work with us this Saturday so we can maintain alcohol sales at future games. If we fail and do not comply, then removing alcohol sales will be forced upon us.

Whilst we appreciate these new restrictions may be frustrating for some, they are necessary to keep our community safe and healthy.

At this stage, entry protocols will remain the same with normal ticket sales at the Main Gates or purchase online.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday – GO U DOGS!


Effective as of Tuesday and therefore applying to the Home Match on Saturday, there will be NO drinking alcohol or soft drinks inside Grand Central whilst standing. You MUST be seated at a table. This will impact the number of patrons allowed in each individual room, so we need your co-operation and understanding.

If there is no room to sit at a table with your drink, then please do not order a drink at the bar until there is room available.

The Gaming Room is still open with 28 machines operating, which patrons MUST also be seated at only.


Thanking you in advance,

Kris Grant, Chief Executive

Preston Stewart, Licensed Club Manager