Team Selection

League & Reserves Trial Match # 3 Team Selection

Sponsored by Holden

The League & Reserves teams play their last trial matches this Friday night at City Mazda Stadium against West Adelaide.

The Reserves kick off at 5:20pm followed by the League at 7:50pm.

Entry is free for all.


Teams for both games are listed below.

League Team

Full Forward Menzel Fort Hanna
Half Forward East Pisani D Dew
Centre Gillard Neagle Jydon Goodrem
Half Back Jenner Neagle Jaxon Schiller J.
Full Back Haydon Madden Habel
1st Ruck Auckland Presbury Schiller T
Interchange Antonie Furnell J Furnell J
Montgomerie Stephenson Weaver

Reserves Team

Full Forward O'Dwyer Robinson Alleer
Half Forward Pisani F. Rigney Billing
Centre Barreau Mahoney Cannizzaro
Half Back Payne Sheppard Shaw
Full Back Slade Smit Spence
1st Ruck Claughton Burton Ortiz
Interchange Combe Cotgrove Daniele
Furnell S John White P.