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Mental Toughness Mental Fortitude

I am Daniel Menzel, I am a current player at CDFC, and was an AFL footballer for the Sydney Swans and previously played for the Geelong Cats. I got drafted at the end of 2009 to the Geelong Football Club and made my debut the following season in 2010. I then played a further 18 AFL games in 2011 on top of the 3 from my first year to take my tally to 21. In my 21st senior game, a Qualifying final, I ruptured my right ACL which began my run of injuries where I went onto rupture my left ACL a further 3 times. I came back from four knee reconstructions and returned successfully to the AFL after 1450 days on the sidelines. Through this time I endured a number of setbacks and struggled mentally but always had confidence that I could make it back. I had this confidence through self belief but as much through the encouragement from my footy club, my family, friends and supporters.

My website is to help others realise what they can achieve and offers support, advice and evidence that you can reach your goals through hardship and challenges. We provide hope and belief offering information, plans and ideas on how to tackle challenges and battle through struggles whether it be through an ACL recovery, a long term injury or a mental challenge. We also offer apparel relating to our slogan MTMF to those who wish to purchase our products for training or casual wear and it comes with that sentimental value to them.

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