Central Districts Football Club is calling upon all people to actively join and participate in a recently approved fledgling group known as “Off The Leash”.


WHY:- The Central District Football Club is excited to offer an opportunity for people to volunteer their time and support towards the Club’s 2020 vision and it’s ongoing future plans to once again become a powerhouse in the SANFL.

Support:- New coaches, New Players, Current Players, and all things good about Central District is a solid foundation towards building a better, stronger Club. There is no better time than now to become part of this excitement and opportunities are being offered by becoming actively involved in “Off The Leash”.

When:- Currently meeting Tuesdays at 10.00 am at the big screen area to understand future requirements in support of 2020 vision! (days and flexible hours in the week to be determined).

Location:- Central District Football Club internal and external facilities.

Objective:- To foster a healthy, safe, fun and active group of people that will assist with the clubs daily challenges of fostering ways to improve income and minimise wastes of costs.

Focus:- “Off The Leash” is about the enjoyment of Central Districts Football Club and the balance of actively supporting the Club.

Activity:- People of any age with skills or no skills who have time on their hands who are semi retired, retired or eager to assist in anyway possible in various ways with day to day Club operations – this may or may not include light to medium handy person type activities.

Contact:- Dave Brown 0467812083 or Dave Martin 0407971833 who have been endorsed by the Central District Board as the contacts for all matters to the development, foundation and functioning of the group “Off The Leash”.



Kris Grant, Chief Executive

Preston Stewart, Licensed Club Manager