SANFLW Match Report

SANFLW Round 1 Match Report

Report from Senior Women’s Coach, Shaun Ribbons.

Round 1 against last season’s minor premiers in Norwood was certainly going to be a litmus test  for our group and challenge the work we had done during our 2020 pre-season campaign.

Our girls started a little slowly but once we fixed our physical intent we managed to get the game on our term for large parts. We struggled to get our structures completely right up forward and couldn’t quite capitalize on the scoreboard for our efforts until the second half, which saw Katelyn Rosenzweig step up and kick four majors to seal the game. Shelby Smith made the best possible start to her SANFLW career with 20 disposals and showed her brand of tough, aggressive, hard running football. Kimberly Fry stood up in defence with some courageous play, intercepting Norwood’s forward entries and rebounding strongly with excellent support from Abbey Scheer and Taryn Wills . Our pressure in the forward half was a strong feature of our game lead by Latiah Huynh, Georgia Madigan, Shannon Murphy and our other debutant Amber James. Our focus during the pre-season was about building belief through our strength & conditioning and fundamentals of the game and this first up result goes along way to helping strengthen that belief.

I would also like to say how terrific it was to see the strong support for the girls at the game, lead by large numbers of the senior men’s players, family, friends and loyal doggies supporters.

The girls love the game, love the club and love all of your support!!!!

Hope to see you all out on force to support our girls next week when we take on last season’s Runner’s up North Adelaide 11am X Convenience Oval.


Goals –  K. Rosenzweig 4, M.Lane 1.
Best  – S.Smith, K. Rosenzweig, K.Fry, L.Hunyh, S.Murphy, G.Madigan, A. Scheer