SANFLW Match Report

SANFLW Round 4 Wrap Up

Report from Women’s Senior Coach, Shaun Ribbons.

Round 4

Three players make their debut’s Sam Saunders, Karissa Searle and Jessica Sedunary (Adelaide Crows)

After the experience of a win in our last game against the Eagles, the girls where keen to replicate the result and the focus was on getting off to a good start.

We were able to execute our intentions and hit the score board six times to one in the first quarter on the back of some fierce tackling and fast ball movement allowing our forwards to look really dangerous.

Sturt to their credit responded in the second quarter, lifting their intensity especially around the contest and while our backline was under some serious pressure we managed to end the half conceding no major scores.

We came out firing in the third taking control of the game through our want to win the ball and stick our tackles. Our forwards capitalized by adding three goals two points, while keeping Sturt scoreless.

The last quarter saw some really tense moments when Sturt lifted their intensity again and used the strong breeze to add three goals. Our defence lead by Demi Sonneman, Nicola Biagi and Shannen Solly showed real composure and the ability to win some important contests throughout the game. Our midfield benefited from the inclusion of Jessica Sedunary from the Crows, her ability to compete and win crucial moments in the contest was an important aspect of the game.

We continue to show how dangerous we can be up forward when we move the ball fast. Laitiah Huynh had an exceptional game using her speed to provide some real excitement and Katelyn Rosenzweig hit the scoreboard six times.

The group continue to show signs of improvement in major aspects of the game as they grow in confidence and have real pride in their aggression in the contest.

Fantastic to see so much support, the girls really appreciate it!!!

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Best – J. Sedunary, D. Sonneman, K. Rosenzweig, C. Teague, S. Solly

Goals – K. Rosenzweig 2, C. Jensen, J. Sedunary, C. Reynolds


Central District 2.4 2.5 5.7 5.8 (38)
Sturt 0.1 0.4 0.4 3.4 (22)