The Land of the Kaurna People

Our 2021 Indigenous Guernsey was designed by year 12 Student Latisha Dodd. Latisha is a student from the Kaurna Plains School, the Kaurna Plains School is an Aboriginal school in Elizabeth, located very near to the oval.

Latisha spoke about the design and the meaning behind the guernsey.

“On the back of the Guernsey I wanted to show the Central Districts players coming together. The circle represents the game as a meeting place and the U shapes are the players.

The kangaroo and bird tracks coming towards the game show how different we all are, with our own strengths.

The blue, red and white dots show the different grounds and country that football games are played on.

On the front of the Guernsey the Blue and White meeting places shows the community coming together. The white stars show that we all live under Kaurna skies.

The kangaroo tracks on the front also show strength of the Tarnda the red kangaroo. This also pays respect to “Tarndanyangga” Red Kangaroo Rock, the name for Adelaide and the Kaurna dreaming story behind this.

The warrior shows strengths and protection. He reminds us that we are on Kaurna country and shows respect to the Kaurna people. The warrior is looking out over Kaurna country protecting, protecting animals and people. He never stops standing up for people, country and animals, like the Central’s motto, ‘Yield to none’.”