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Tribute to 2 Premiership Players

This Saturday will see two Premiership Players compete in their final game with the Dogs as they retire from League Football.

Trent Goodrem  –  Kyle Jenner

The Club would like to congratulate both Trent and Kyle who have been fantastic contributors and role models for the Club, and they both deserve a good crowd in attendance for their farewell.

Trent Goodrem

Recruited to Club in 2007 at the age of 19 years old from East Coast Eagles in the Sydney Football League.

2007 – League Debut

– League Incentive Award

2008 – Premiership Player

2009 – Premiership Player

Jack Oatey Medallist (Best Player in Grand Final)

2010 – Premiership Player

Coaches Award

2011 – Winner of Daniel Hulm Memorial Trophy (The Clubs Most Courageous Player)

– Club Vice Captain

2012 – Club Vice Captain

2013 – Club Co-Vice Captain

– Club Third Best & Fairest

– Winner of Daniel Hulm Memorial Trophy (The Clubs Most Courageous Player)

2014 – Club Co-Vice Captain

2015 – Club Co-Captain

2016 – Club Captain

2017 – Club Captain

–  CDFC Playing Life Membership

2018 – Club Captain

2019 – Club Captain

Trent was recruited as a project player after his performance in the 2006 Under 18 Championships playing for NSW.

However, he impressed early and played 12 League games in his 1st year.

Trent is known for his tough, un-comprimising brand of football, who is always high in the number of tackles week-in, week-out.

Trent’s value to the side is his ability to play in a variety of positions.

Also represents the Club as Ambassador for Novita Children’s Services.

Trent became engulfed in the Club culture and became a great Club person.

His career has been remarkable including 3 Premierships, a Jack Oatey Medal, Captain for 4 years, CDFC & SANFL Playing Life Member.

Trent will play his 240th League Game this week.

We wish Trent, Carly, Nate & Emmy all the best in their future endeavours.


Kyle Jenner

Recruited to Club in 2009 from the Port Adelaide Magpies.

2009 – CDFC League Debut

2010 – Premiership Player

2011 – Coaches Award

2012 – Co Vice-Captain

–  Club Fourth Best & Fairest

2013 – Co-Vice Captain

2014 – Co-Vice Captain

2015 – Vice Captain

2016 – Co-Vice Captain

2017 – Co-Vice Captain

2018 – Club Fifth Best & Fairest

–  Coaches Award

2019 – Club Sixth Best & Fairest

–  Coaches Award

Kyle was recruited from the Port Magpies in 2009, he having played 32 League games with them.

When playing League Football for Port Adelaide as a teenager, our Club was always impressed with the way Kyle played the game.

After his 32 League games, he went and played in the country.

Upon us learning that he wanted to return to League Football, we quickly approached him.

Kyle, or ‘Alfie’ as he is affectionately known, played every game in that first year with us (2009).

Over the journey, Kyle has shown that he has a marvellous football brain, a clever user of the ball, and a great mark for his size.

He has played up forward, down back and in the mid-field and has been a magnificent contributor to our Football Club.

A Premiership Player in 2010.

SANFL & CDFC Playing Life Member.

Kyle will play his 196th League Games with CDFC this week.

We wish he and his wife Jess all the best for the future.

Trent Goodrem in his 200th League game.

Kyle Jenner takes a kick while Trent watches on.