Split 50-50 Raffle

What is the Split 50-50 Raffle?

The Split 50-50 Raffle is a fun and easy way to win big, whilst supporting the Central District Football Club.

Split 50-50 provides an exciting and revolutionary raffle platform that is changing the traditional way of ‘Raffle Ticket Selling’ for the purpose of team fundraising and community development.

How does Split 50-50 work?

Tickets are sold to patrons throughout the venue by roaming volunteers equipped with mobile touch screen devices.

50% of the prize pool goes to the winner and the other 50% to the Central District Football Club.

The winner is randomly computer generated.

The draws is conducted at 3/4 time of the League match at X Convenience Oval, by a Club representative.

What are the prize values?

The winner will receive 50% of the value of the gross ticket sales.

The winner will receive the cash prize (via Electronic Transfer of Funds).

How are the winners notified?

The winning ticket number holder will be notified immediately following the draw via automatic SMS, followed by a phone call within 30 minutes.  Where possible, the venue announcer will also communicate the winning ticket number to patrons.

Further, the URL link available to all ticket holders will also display the winning ticket number, as well as the Split 50-50 website.

How much are the tickets?

~ 1 ticket for $2
~ 3 tickets for $5
~ 10 tickets for $10
~ 40 tickets for $20
~ 125 tickets for $50
~ 275 tickets for $100

There will be an unlimited number of tickets available for sale for each draw.

2 Gary Craig and Richard Bassanese $927.50
3 Jamie Griffiths $495.50
5 Martin Searle and Roy Griffiths $563.50
7 Stewart McFetridge $347.50
9 Gary Craig and Richard Bassanese $612.50
10 Claire Schwarz $433.00
12 Steve Siddall $372.50
13 Cathie and Michelle Smith $426.50
16 Darryl bird $368.00
18 Stewart McFetridge $415.00