Misch Mechanical

About me: I am a very family-oriented person with lots of love to give. When others describe me the two main words used are caring and outgoing. I am a proud Aboriginal woman with my mob from Wiradjuri (NSW). Most people think me crazy because I’ve got my shoes off before a game, even if it’s freezing. I do this to find my stance on the ground – this is generally my time to connect more with my culture and environment. My motto would have to be “never give up” because no matter the situation, my parents always taught me not to give up and stay strong “prove them wrong”.

Nickname: Jess (Sport) – Missy/Missy Moo (Family).

Original club: Willaston Football Club.

Match day motivational song: “The show goes on” – Lupe Fiasco.

Field of work: currently working at Barossa Helicopters.

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year? Isabelle Starmer, Tess Gerhardy, Laitiah Huynh, Alicia Butler, Shelby Smith, Keely Cannizzaro, Demi Sonneman.

Toughest player in the team: Alicia Butler.

My weapon: Tackling, Marking, 1% efforts, Reading the play.

Three things I like to do outside of footy: Spending time with family, friends and pets – Being active – Helping others – Art.

One thing you don’t know: I am very artistic and creative, I have sold/pre ordered a few paintings just after sharing them and the stories behind them. One of my first art pieces went into the art exhibition for Nadioc week. I started with pen, moving my way up to painting. I am able to show stories or events through almost all my art pieces.