A bit about myself : Other sports I have played are netball and cricket. Cricket has been my main sport until now. I won a B grade premiership for cricket and hopefully will get one in A grade this year. I have won a few other bowling and fielding trophies and a couple of (Wo)Man of the Match medals. Playing state cricket has been a amazing achievement of mine. My favourite position to play in footy is defence as I’ve always liked the backline.

Nickname? Kase.

What is your original club: Willaston Football Club.

Match Day motivation song: “Unbreakable” by TELYkast and Sam Gray.

What is your field of work and/ or study? I work at Hungry Jacks.

Funniest teammate?  Rosie.

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year? I can’t go past Shelby Smith.

Toughest player in the team? Alicia Butler, Lauren Breguet.

What is your weapon? My speed or tackle pressure.

Tell us 3 things you like to do outside of football: Watching movies and having downtime – Being with family or friends – Shopping.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you: I’m a clean freak; I hate messes.