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A bit about myself : I am 17 going into Year 12 this year. I grew up watching my dad and uncle play football, however, I only started after I found playing SAPSASA football games in 2016-17 really enjoyable. I then dropped Netball and started playing club football at GGFC and got invited out to the Talent Shield at Central’s which developed my skills as a player and led me to have an opportunity to be a part of the Crow’s Academy in 2018.

Nickname? T or Uncs.

What is your original club? Golden Grove Football Club.

What is your field of work and/or study? McDonald’s employee.

Funniest team mate? Lauren Breguet.

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year? Georgia McKee.

Toughest player in the team? Shelby Smith.

Tell us 3 things you like to do outside of football: Go out with friends – watch movies – go to the beach.