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A bit about myself …

This is my third year playing for Centrals as I was in the inaugural team and my fifth year of football altogether. I previously played at Angle Vale football club for 2 years prior to Centrals. Previous footy achievements are winning most improved in my first year at Angle Vale and Runner Up Best and Fairest in my second year. My biggest achievement is winning Centrals’ Most Courageous Award in my first year for the club. This will be my first full season back to football after rupturing my ACL in 2019 and covid interrupting the 2020 season!



What is your original club?

Angle Vale Football Club

Match day motivation song?

‘Taste’ by Tyga

What is your field of work and/or study?

I have just started my first year of teaching and have a year 3 class!

Funniest team mate?

Renai Richardson

What player in your team do you reckon is going to set the competition alight this year?

Keely Cannizzaro

Toughest player in the team?

Shelby Smith

What is your weapon?

Tackling and repeat efforts.

Tell us 3 things you like to do outside of football

Go to the river, spend time with family, work.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you

I am a big softie and I love everything to do with love and romance.

Anything outdoors – river, walks and beach! Spending time with family, friends and partner!